Social Responsibility

Committed to society

Elderly people

Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona - Grupo Mémora collaborates with nursing homes and other care facilities with the mission of providing to groups, families and caregivers a set of guidelines on how to act in the case of dealing with the loss of a loved one.

With its sponsorship and collaboration in promotional activities, Grupo Mémora achieves to stand out in events such as FiraGran, one of the most important shows in Europe dedicated to elderly people.


Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona - Grupo Mémora organizes throughout the year different memorials, religious and secular, in cities of the provinica in Barcelona to remember loved ones that passed away. 

The first religious memorial was held in 2001 in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona and since 2007, due to the large number of attendees, held in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. Later, in 2011, became the first secular memorial in the Oratory of the Tanatori Les Corts. Currently these memorials are held in Barcelona, Manresa and L'Hospitalet and gather about 5.000 family members and friends.


Xuklis’s Home

AFANOC (Association of Relatives and Friends of Children Oncology of Catalunya) manages this shelter with 25 apartments and common spaces available to families with children diagnosed with cancer with the need of travelling far from home in order to receive treatment.
Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona - Grupo Mémora participated in the construction of "L’Espai of Silenci" (the Silence Space) in the Xuklis’s Home. This is a space to promote the gathering and privacy of the families, a corner where relatives of the children come when they need to surround themselves in silence in order to think, reflect, talk, cry, grieve... Mémora Group 's involvement is addressed to support families in these concerning times.

Find out more about the Xuklis’s Home, here

Organ Donation

Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona - Grupo Mémora works with the Eye Bank for the Treatment of Blindness (BUTC), with the aim of increasing donations of corneas. This agreement was established with the prestigious Barraquer Foundation in 2006.