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Prevention of sudden death in athletes

The "Prevention of Sudden Death Program" is a program led by Grupo Mémora, the Catalan Council for Sports and Dr. Brugada's team at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, which for more than three years has been promoting the research of the prevention of sudden death in high ranking athletes.

After a first phase in which have been reviewed all athletes of the ARC program (Alt Rendiment Català), the second phase, consists of the implementation of the programme in all catalan athletes, more than half a million people, to emphasize the importance of continuous cardiological controls and prevent sudden death.

These reviews will be carried out through the network of centres of sports medicine accredited by the Secretariat General de l'Esport of first and second level, in which there will be the possibility to perform the screening (screening) cardiological basic to rule out dangerous pathologies for the health of athletes.

Photo: The skier and runner Kilian Jornet undergo a stress test to monitor your heart health. Consell Català de l'Esport.