Grief support

Grief support group and individual attention

Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona - Grupo Mémora offers a new concept in grief support, which includes the entire process from the time notice is received of the death or impending death of a person to the period afterwards.

We offer an integrated quality service, providing the tools and strategies to help people cope with different stages of the grieving process. This is an immediate support unit aimed at both adults and children, individually or in a group depending on the particular case, but always under the supervision of professionals.  

Free telephone counselling service

A group of 25 grief psychologists offer help 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to all family members who need professional help with the loss of a loved one, through a personal service provided by us.

This is a free service, confidential and anonymous, without a limit on time or number of calls during the year.